do people reflect

Do People Truly Reflect On Their Own Behaviour?

It seems the popular thing to do these days it to jump on a blog and bash men. Toxic Masculinity is the term I've heard thrown about the walls of popular blogs and social...

The Generations That The Autism Diagnosis Forgot

Yesterday I was speaking to a really nice lad at my local Tesco's. A young-ish man, around my age. I regularly see him at the checkout when I'm buying dinner for the evening. I...

Why People With Disabilities Need to Be Treated With Respect

We've moved far in the last twenty years. I can remember a time when I had just been out of psychiatric hospital for about a week and I had some old man preaching to...
man up

Why I Hate The Term Man Up – But Something Less Derogatory Is Needed

I've always hated the term Man up. Man up to me has always been a phrase used to make me feel worse about myself rather than empowered. Sometimes us lads, we like to joke...

Why You Minimise Me When You Talk Of My White Male Privilege

My mother told me to shut up quite a lot. My dad did too; he just beat it out of me when I cried. Seems this is the way of the world these days. I get...

How to stop thinking the world is against you

How to stop thinking the world is against you Okay, so let's just say several years ago I thought my life was cursed. I thought that whatever I did, or tried, or put my hands...
Raymond is a thirty something young man with lots of experience in the Mental Health sector. He is challenging current popular views on Mental Health, Parenting, Childhood, and Men.

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