do people reflect

Do People Truly Reflect On Their Own Behaviour?

It seems the popular thing to do these days it to jump on a blog and bash men. Toxic Masculinity is the term I've heard thrown about the walls of popular blogs and social...

The Generations That The Autism Diagnosis Forgot

Yesterday I was speaking to a really nice lad at my local Tesco's. A young-ish man, around my age. I regularly see him at the checkout when I'm buying dinner for the evening. I...
proposing a problem

The Art Of Proposing A Problem To An Audience

I can't say I enjoy reading many of the social articles around the web these days, or at least those articles that make it to the top -- you know? Like when you read...

Why People With Disabilities Need to Be Treated With Respect

We've moved far in the last twenty years. I can remember a time when I had just been out of psychiatric hospital for about a week and I had some old man preaching to...

Why You Minimise Me When You Talk Of My White Male Privilege

My mother told me to shut up quite a lot. My dad did too; he just beat it out of me when I cried. Seems this is the way of the world these days. I get...

Why Business Isn’t As Easy As You Think

I remember as a young twenty one year old I would look across at my manager on the desk behind me. I wanted her job. She hardly looked busy. I could put my feet...
Raymond is a thirty something young man with lots of experience in the Mental Health sector. He is challenging current popular views on Mental Health, Parenting, Childhood, and Men.

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