not take responsibility

Why We’re Not Encouraged To Take Responsibility For Our Actions

Learning to take responsibility for my actions improved my life a hundred fold. It's hard to see light at the end of the tunnel when you're going through something difficult at present. I understand that....
safe son

Men Should Focus On Teaching Their Sons To Be More Safe

I remember late one night when my dad and I were out drinking. These were my younger years and dad was really cool to hang around. This was before the drink really took hold...
men are all the same featured

Men are all the same

Men are all the same. It's a phrase I hear quite often from women that have just had a nasty breakup, been screwed over by the man they were dating, or just basically believe...
why do men fall in love

Why do men fall in love?

Why DO men fall in love? I mean we're supposed to be emotionless bricks that don't waver at all, right? Our chances at falling in love are even slimmer than us being decent, respectful,...
dating tips for men

Dating tips for Men

Dating tips for men: I'm not going to start off by doing you the disservice of telling you not to be a creep. I actually think most of us have not being a creep...
talking about men

Why Aren’t We REALLY Talking About Men?

A good writer friend of mine said to me once, "I like you Raymond, you're honest. I wish more people could be like that." She was right too, I can't remember the last time...
a lesson about ego

A Lesson On Ego

Sometimes it's best to flush that ego down the toilet. Sometimes that ego will get you into more trouble than you know. Ego for me is directly related to self-confidence. I know that I'm smart,...
mother and son

Ways My Mum Lied To Me About Men

Okay, so before we get into this let it be known that I hold no anger or ill will towards my mother. She was just doing what she thought was best for me in...
why are men scared of commitment

Why are men scared of commitment

The Media Bustle: Why are men scared of commitment Men are like big kids when you think of it. If you're questioning why are men scared of commitment then popular opinion would assume that men have...
Boy and dad

Things I’m Going To Tell And Do With My Son When He’s Older

As you've probably guessed by now I lucked out on the healthy advice and guidance by men in general when I was younger. The closest to any fatherly advice I received was from some...
Raymond is a thirty something young man with lots of experience in the Mental Health sector. He is challenging current popular views on Mental Health, Parenting, Childhood, and Men.

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